New York Marijuana Justice was founded in February, 2021 to support the passage of the MRTA. With its passage, NYMJ is working with cannabis users, growers, workers, and their families to ensure the law implementation supports the cannabis community.

NYMJ is apart of the Marijuana Justice community that began in 2014 in Washington, DC with the creation of DCMJ. There are now Marijuana Justice communities in Maryland and Virginia.

We stand for:

  • Ending ALL Criminal Penalties for Cannabis
  • Racial & Economic Justice
  • Stopping the Over-Policing of Communities Harmed by the War on Drugs
  • Home Cultivation of Cannabis NOW, not years from now.

We support:

    • Regenerative & Organic Sun-grown Cannabis
    • Access to Farmers Markets for Homegrown Cannabis
    • Low Barriers of Entry into the Cannabis Industry
    • Limiting the Corporate Cannabis Industry